Friday, October 31, 2008

Lewis Hamilton: Saying more words.

"I think it's because he meant so much to me in my life when I was younger and coming up through the ranks. I can feel his presence. To be named in the same sentence as him is an honour. I don't aim to be or believe anyone can be another Ayrton Senna. He was one of a kind. But I aim to try to make him proud and be as good as he was one day."

Did you think it was Bruno Senna speaking these lines, someone I'd actually let get away with saying this? Well, if this is what you were thinking, sorry, but you're dead wrong.

Lewis Hamilton, there you go again!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Thought

If I were to insist on AHUGA attending the "Masterpieces of the Louvre" exhibit at the MIA, would I spark the same type of division of which Stey-Stey speaks? Hmmmm, interesting..

Monday, October 27, 2008

The text message I find on my phone from my brother this morning..

"Ferrari's are red, porsch's are blue,
Hamilton sucks... wat you gona do?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Official Scrutineering Chinese Grand Prix Lap-to-Lap Report

Well, it's the Chinese Grand Prix today. Here in Minneapolis, it's 1:40 am and the weather in China (as far as I can tell) looks overcast but dry, with a chance of Peter Windsor. I'd like to dedicate this lap-to-lap report to Speed's Bob Varsha, who is in Las Vegas right now covering the Barrett-Jackson something-or-other, read: "something-or-other which is definitely not as cool as the Chinese Grand Prix."

1:45: Changes to the grid position are as follow: Mark Webber (Red Bull) drops down to 16th position following an engine change, and Nick Heidfeld will start from 9th on the grid after faulting DC in qualifying yesterday.

1:50: They're showing me Felipe Massa! And now a vignette of all the terrible things that McLaren has done to Ferrari. And all the terrible things that have happened to Ferrari.

2:00: Formation lap is just getting underway. Fernando Alonso, who I have come to love (while inebriated - I don't think I can have any original opinion on Alonso unless I am drunk), is 4th on the grid. I love it! I feel like I have three drivers in a row separateing Hamilton and Kovalainen. Try and help Lewis now, Heikki! Ha!

1:52: Now they have a "Who wants it less?" chart. It's making me sad! If Bob Varsha was here, he'd say something excellent, as he possesses an exemplary vocabulary!

1:55: Win or lose, I'm having a Ferrari party/brawl. There's going to be vodka. And Brazilian food. And a party remix of the Italian national anthem. And I'm going to take the fight to a pinata shaped like Ron Dennis' head.

1:57: Yes, that's right. I may have just referred to Luca di as "the newest cannonized saint." Yes, he has that much integrity.

56: HAM, RAI, MAS hold position, Alonso and KOV scrapping for fourth.

55: Rain expected around lap 14. Hamilton pulling away.

I can't keep this up! I've gotta watch! Check back in later!

CB: UGH, smug Lewis is pulling out a lead over my Ferraris. Alonso has just stated over the radio "I can go as fast as the Ferrari!" which is both silly and not encouraging, and Jarno Trulli is out of the race after a collision at the start with Seb Bourdais.

49: Can it be Kimi Time right away? I needz it. :(

48: +7.311 second lead from Hamilton to Massa. SAD.

47: Webber and Piquet duke it out. Piquet was bringing it to him!! For a minute... In other areas, Massa's tyres are lookin' good. Hope to God Lewis bins it. Ugh, smug, arrogant jerk.

46: Raikkonen's now running a little faster than Hamilton. That would be bitchin' if he could catch him.. And it's Fastest Lap Kimi, complete with adorable blue eyes! :) (Yes, I can be girly sometimes and go nuts over his cute eyes.)

45: Fastest sector times all around for Hamilton, Massa, and Raikkonen!

44: Hamilton's gone sideways. Hope he's doing a number on those tyres... Jerk!

42: Massa in pits! Go, boys, go! Whew, no mistakes.
Alonso pits, as well. BBFLS! Hamilton coming in to pit.
Sutil! Sutil! Stalled at exit to turn 16!
Yay, clean stop Raikkonen! Sweet-ass!

41: Sutil is out. :( Oh, nee!

40: Kovalainen inherits race lead.

39: Heidfeld in pits. 8.3 seconds! REjoins in front of Glock.
ARRGH, I hate Lewis Hamilton.
Just took a drink. Hopefully that kick-starts Kimi time.

38: Kovalainen pits, as does Vettel. Kovalainen does NOT beat Alonso onto the track. YESSSS! But oh NEE, it looks hazy. Rain would suck lots.

CB: Cute Ferrari pic!

35: Heikki has six laps more fuel than Alonso. Hmmm. Alonso's hands look funny. Massa is looking slow, despite being lighter. I'm nervous. I'm very nervous. I'm downright scared.

34: Kubica on a two-stop strategy.

33: Flav is right. No one wants Hamilton to win. No one in their right mind.

32: You just happened to get a good car. You don't live in Afghanistan or Pakistan. What the HELL are we talking about SPEED?

31: Guys, there are like six more Ferrari pit stops this season. After this season ends I have to fins something to do with myself until THE END OF MARCH 2009! What am I gonna do!? I may have to take up knitting or scrapbooking. Ew.

29: Kimi Time dance! Arm waving!

28: I am PUMPED to beat the shit out of the that Ron Dennis pinata.

27: Massa needs to catch up with Kimi. Please. Please, guys. I can't afford to cry myself to sleep tonight.

CB: For realz, I know a lot about F1. Maybe too much. Okay, way too much. I m more invested in F1 than I am in most things. I know more about what's going on in F1 politics than I do in real politics. And that's why it's so important to this tifosi for Lewis Hamilton to not win.

24: Improper hand gestures by Kimi Raikkonen! That's right, flip the V to Fisi! Grrr, don't make my cars lose seconds!

22: Kovalainen lagging behind, as usual. McLaren must be kicking themselves. They coulda had Nick Heidfeld.

21: Heikki has tyre blow-out! Coming in to pit. Tyre fail! Down to 17th.

20: Alonso pits. MANDATES!

20: Felipe, I love ya. Just so you know.

CB: Cute picture of Felipe Massa FTW!

18: Ferraris and Ham-boy have pitted. Felipe's gained ground on Kimi. Down to just over 3 second gap!

17: Come on, Fi! Drive the wheels off that F2008, the prettiest car on the grid!

16: Massa needs a blue shell, says Mark. I think he needs a hug. *HUG*

15: Brake dust and disc glow on the McLaren. Maybe the wheels will just fall off. Fall off right now. Or turn into JELLY BEANS!

CB: Cute Felipe pic! Again!

12: A few laps left. Mm, I dunno, but push, push, push!

11: David Hobbs is making fun of Ferrari and team orders. Shut it! (But it's okay, because I like Hobbs.)

8: We're super close together! Ferrari, that is. :)

7: Felipe just passed Kimi. Thanks, Kimi. You are so nice. :) *HUGS!* Kovlainen pits again? Nope, he's parking it!

CB: Cute pic of Kimi Raikkonen, for bein' so nice!

4: Four laps left. Suspicions that Raikkonen may have a problem? And the conspiracy theories fly.. Ugh.

3: 16.285 s lead over Massa for Hamilton. Grrr. Massa will leave China for Brazil seven points behind Hamilton. Grrrr.

2: Why can't someone good win? Why can't Lewis just lose the tyres? WHY?!

1: Well, it's now or never. That McLaren needs to find its way into the wall or a gravel trap.

FLAG: Provisional Race Results.

1) HAM
2) MAS
3) RAI

Argh, China!

Just finished watching qualifying which didn't go as well as I would have liked, but (as always) it could have been far worse. Here's a mess of qualy times:

01 L. Hamilton McLaren 1:36.303
02 K. Räikkönen Ferrari 1:36.645
03 F. Massa Ferrari 1:36.889
04 F. Alonso Renault 1:36.927
05 H. Kovalainen McLaren 1:36.930
06 M. Webber Red Bull 1:37.083
07 N. Heidfeld BMW 1:37.201
08 S. Vettel Scuderia Toro Rosso 1:37.685
09 J. Trulli Toyota 1:37.934
10 S. Bourdais Scuderia Toro Rosso 1:38.885
11 N. Piquet jr. Renault 1:35.722
12 R. Kubica BMW 1:35.814
13 T. Glock Toyota 1:35.937
14 R. Barrichello Honda 1:36.079
15 N. Rosberg Williams 1:36.210
16 D. Coulthard Red Bull 1:36.731
17 K. Nakajima Williams 1:36.863
18 J. Button Honda 1:37.053
19 A. Sutil Force India F1 1:37.730
20 G. Fisichella Force India F1 1:37.739

Yes, there's smug Lewis at the top. I have never seen Felipe Massa look so angry. Yikes. Honestly, I think if he could have left he could have. It was as if he and Kimi Raikkonen had switched personalities. When they cut back to Hamilton at the end of the post-qualifying press conference, Kimi Raikkonen just started to smirk to himself for no reason. And whilst I was wondering what could be so funny, Felipe Massa sinisterly/gloomily pulls out a gigantic can of Red Bull and stares down the camera during a good thirty second long gulp, then slowly put it back under the table: "Yeah, I want a drink. And your water's not good enough. So watch me drink this Red Bull. So there."

It was too funny.

I have a little nervous for tomorrow..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fernando Alonso has grown on me.

Fernando Alonso is a hero. Here's why.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I didn't know!

My name's in the Department Newsletter! I didn't know! I was reading along and all of a sudden, "Hey, that's me!!"

"Undergraduate majors EMILY KAHL and NATALIE GLEASON were this year's recipients of the Patricia and Kenneth Puffer Art History Scholarships, which provided funding for them to attend the May term courses in, respectively, Paris and Rome."

What a shock that was!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's so true!

Tell her she's crazy.

Had a short, low-key Directed Study meeting today. It was ten minutes long: five minutes about reading about Rubens and five minutes about the debate last night. Once again I was urged to vote and to vote for Obama because no one in their right mind would vote for John McCain. So I told him my sister was voting for McCain. To which he replied, "Are you close to her? Can you change her mind?"

And my favorite:

"Call your sister. Tell her she's crazy!"

I laughed so hard.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can it be hugs time?

I fell asleep last night, sick and utterly exhausted and somehow managed to get some rest. Not my intent! Malheureusement, this ensured that I did not finish my paper for Age of Empire. As a result, I may be crucified by Cathy Asher when I turn it in late tomorrow (well, maybe not, but who knows?). Today I'm still sick. I've got another paper due tomorrow. And it's raining. To top it all off, Bernie Ecclestone axed the Canadian Grand Prix. What could make this day worse!?

Perhaps the fact that I got half of a Cherry Poptart stuck in my toaster?

Monday, October 6, 2008

To hell with anonymity.

This is the first ever photo of me to go onto a post! So if you've been wondering what I look like, well, here I am.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just realized...

..that we haven't seen this in a while! Excuse me, I have to go pass out because of cute overload.


I'm a student and I work hard; harder than most. This semester, my schedule's booked solid with eighteen (18) credits. I'm taking both my 5000-level ARTH courses this semester, have facilitated an additional 5000-level Directed Study which requires me to compose a lengthy, rather involved paper and I've got my Major Paper on my plate as well. As if the Major Paper alone wasn't enough to contend with, I've got to write the whole darn thing in one semester since my adviser is on a phased retirement schedule and won't be around in the Spring. In light of all this, I've practically moved into the Flemish Art section at Wilson and have been lugging around a little over half of the Corpus Rubenianum. Oh, and I run AHUGA too! As taxing as my academic endeavours may be, I'm relatively happy with how my undergraduate program is turning out. But there's just one little thing...

Yet again I received a text message from my boss. She wants me to come in at 5:45 am tomorrow because she "feels awful and could really use the sleep." She has graciously volunteered to come in at 8:00 am when I am scheduled to arrive ("pfff, what does Emily need sleep for?").

Scroll back up and read the above paragraph. I'm already tacking a 30 hour work week onto that school schedule, against my will. 20 hours? Exactly what I wanted. 25? Steep, but managable. 30? Outrageous. Ludicrous. No, no, no! I'm putting my foot down. Will I go in early tomorrow?


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Today's Haps in F1: Just a few sentences

McLaren is braggy, Luca di, benevolent*, and Ross Brawn's newest obsession is Nick Heidfeld. Poor Rubens!

*Seriously, what a great guy. Refuses to name that mechanic.