Thursday, January 31, 2008

Don't waste time!!

Fernando Alonso thinks Renault needs to find a second to make their car as fast as the Ferraris and McLarens. Do not let him find it! Hoard all your seconds! Never waste time! Do not let Alonso win!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Damn, racing is awesome," says Rubens Barrichello

I hope that someone will pick up Rubens Barrichello after next season. He seems like such a sweet guy. He still does kart, just because he likes racing so much! What a cutie.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Max Mosley is trying to decide if he will run for FIA prez again. I almost wish he wouldn't just because I think he talks a lot. Especially of late when he's taken to rehashing the same two topics (Lewis Hamilton and the spy scandal) constantly. Seriously, sometimes I read the news and just think, "OMG, Max Mosley, stop talking so much!" Really, though, he's getting to be as bad as Ron Dennis. 


So Sebastien Vettel is running around saying that he thinks he is at an advantage starting out the season with last year's car. I really don't know how accurate that statement is. One the one hand, you're already familiar with what you're driving and while everyone else is still "teething," as Vettel is putting it, you're (hopefully) scoring effortless wins (not probable). I wonder if he has thought about the other hand and considered the fact that he will begin the teething process almost mid-season when everyone else is comfortable, calm, and collected. Not that I'm trying to rag on Sebastien Vettel. I just wonder if he's thought about this. 

What I do wif my money.

I am going to buy a Ferrari sweater with my tips. Because I am a huge nerd. So if anyone wants to vote on a style, I'll post them and you can comment. For now just enjoy this adorable cat!

For the record, I am ~$25 in bills (and whatever change is rolling around Mark's car) closer to getting my goal. Eee!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Homeless Man

I gave money to a homeless guy at the bus stop tonight. He smelled like he had been drinking mouthwash. I know for a fact he did not buy a McDonald's cheeseburger with the seventy-odd cents I gave him, but I'm cool with that. I really didn't need that change. When he asked me for money, I felt acutely aware of having it in my pocket and never using it, so I gave it to him. He was a very honest homeless guy. He said to me, "I'm just having a really down time." I understand, sir. It happens to all of us.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bitter, plus an inebriated diatribe on Fernando Alonso.

Giancarlo Fisichella is ripping on Renault. Doesn't think they'll be able to get podiums this season. Not even with Alonso (Let me take this opportunity while I am intoxicated to tell you that I really don't like Fernando Alonso. You know, I seriously just started watching F1 last season. And I could have liked him. I like almost everyone. But really, once he punched through that door and acted like a baby, well, never. I will never like him. Not even if he went to Ferrari, God forbid. Well, you never know. Maybe if he kisses enough babies he can redeem himself. But I digress.) Well, you know what I think? I think that he's just bitter. I don't know if one can be a bitter old man at 39, or however old he is. Pretty sure it's 39. He also seems to be turning into Peter Pan or something. Quote:
"I absolutely love driving and I love the sport...another reason I wanted to stay in F1 is because Force India looks like a very promising programme. I want to be part of that from the start and I want to grow up with this team."
Aren't you supposed to be grown up by 39? I thought so.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Caravaggio is a Badass

I think I like most of my classes this semester. I am pretty pumped about Baroque Art. Did you know that Caravaggio killed a guy? And that he wounded several others? All at different times? And that he threw a plate of artichokes at a waiter and freaked out? Did you know that almost everything he paints is amazing. Okay, so Caravaggio only did a few still-life paintings. Mostly because he had to, as he was being apprenticed and, well, you really don't have a say in what you do. You just do it and tolerate it. Look how cool this is! Trust me, it is even cooler when you look even closer at it. I also like this one, because you can see the reflection of a window in the vase:

Some people think this is a self-portrait. But it's like everything Caravaggio does. Everyone always thinks that. That's because when he was poor, living in Rome, and trying to start selling work and was so broke he couldn't afford models, so he just painted himself in a mirror. Pretty darn clever.

So here's Caravaggio. I think he kind of looks like Charles Manson. See here:


I had a chat with Caitlin today. She is super nice. She may be the perfect roommate. She is tidy and showed interest in sharing chores. She puts away dishes and can carry on a great conversation. This is the best bit. Like, the absolute best. Really, I promise.

She is not at all freaked out by all the drivers who chill in my kitchen. She actually liked it!! I think it made her feel comfortable since her dad and brother are really into fixing up '70s muscle cars. I think they also watch Nascar. I think she might even like Nascar. She actually said to me, "Yeah, I looked in your cupboard and saw those [cups] and was like, 'Cool!'" Anyone who can embrace Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa is welcome to live in my apartment.

Shut your damn mouth, Jarno Trulli!

There was a new interview with Jarno Trulli. He thinks that the start next season won't be fair because some teams have possibly found ways to make their starts automatic and simulate launch control. Well, quite frankly the only two teams that I can see that being would be Ferrari and/or McLaren, as they're the only two teams who seem to be performing well with any accuracy at this point. In all likelihood I think it's Ferrari, as we've had top times all through the latest testing. Please don't get fined!! :((

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hooray, Felipe Massa!

Ferrari took the top two times today at testing in Valencia, Massa then Raikkonen. Glad the new car is working out for him.

I love you, Art History.

First day back to classes. Very excited to be back with Art History. I think I'll really enjoy Baroque Art, although my professor sounds like he is just giving one long speech when he lectures. At least he has very nice inflection. I sat down at 11:15 and by 12:30 I was in a warm-fuzzy ARTH stupor. :) Definitely think this is the right major.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Where is that Stepney powder test at?!

Nigel Stepney resurfaced! And guess what? He doesn't think any part of the spy scandal was his fault! Well, sorry, I am more than a little skeptical, Nigel. Maybe I should read his book and clear things up. And whatever happened with that powder test? That's what I'd really like to read about. And about who was actually stalking his significant other around Europe. Both those things are far more interesting to me than listening to him cry about how F1 isn't what he wants it to be anymore and how he yearns for grassroots. I read that Mercedes is trying its darnedest to buy out Ron Dennis' shares at McLaren. I guess you can't blame them. I know they were trying to get him to step down too, but he wouldn't. In other news, Alonso is still looking fast, although I'm not too worried because it was only he and Hulkenberg at Valencia and Hulkenberg is much less experienced.

The other night I think I asserted that Jean Todt looks like a manatee. I think that he may look less like a manatee than I remembered.

My Books

I have an abundance of literature. I am taking up more than my share of library space in the living room. I think that's the part of the semester I like best, getting books. I like going through them and getting excited about the classes. I was going through the ones from last semester, putting them on my shelves, and I don't think I even touched some of them. :( I should really make a point to do all my readings this semester.

The Food Network

What did I do today at work? I made lattes, I wiped down the fridges, and I watched the Food Network for the better part of five hours. I am amazed at how addicting I find this channel. I find it a bit sad that I can now recognize all of the Food Network personalities on sight. I get really excited when Tyler Florence makes really cool things like London Broil. I was super excited when I got to watch all about Rachel Ray's career in cooking. It is especially hard to be on register and watch the Food Network because I get so distracted. You get one of those Aveda girls and they screech at you, "Um, I need a short, skinny, SF Vanilla, iced latte with an extra shot!" And then I mentally yell back, "Well, hey, I have to watch Giada De Laurentis make this weird-looking Italian pasta-bread thing or else I'm going to explode!" Sometimes they have amazing challenges like who can make the best gingerbread house or when they make edible Christmas tree decorations. Yesterday they totally made a cake that looked just like an elephant. WHOA, how cool is that?! Today they had a few guys who I've never seen before. They made a sexually charged steak. Why do I say "sexually charged"? Because I had to endure them saying things like "You've got to penetrate it slow and deep" and "I don't know whether to eat it or ride it" for half an hour. I love the Food Network. Yum-o.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Jarno Trulli Cut His Hair!

McLaren just announced today that they were going to extend Lewis Hamilton's contract until 2012. This was followed by a rather flowery interview in which Hamilton said that he was pleased an honored, thought this was the right team, he'd never want to drive for anyone else, etcetera, etcetera. After all this Ron Dennis said that Lewis was an "exceptional human being." I don't see how being able to drive a car makes you an exceptional human being, but I have heard that Lewis Hamilton is a very green person, recycling and all that. I also heard rumors that he ditched his girlfriend after the season (unbeknownst to her, or so I've read) and has possibly started dating his boss's daughter. Not very exceptional or upstanding. I do think that McLaren is probably the right team for Hamilton, though. At least they work well together, or so it appears.
In other news, Jarno Trulli cut his hair. That's nice because now he doesn't look so creepy. See the difference:



Isn't that much better?!


Well, it's my birthday. Twenty-one is nothing special. As predicted, I am not doing anything, although I would like to go and see The Alps at the IMAX at the Science Museum. Maybe I will drink that bottle of Camelot mead from my mom. I wish I could have just turned twenty-one when I was in France like everyone else. I could totally have gone out or whatever. Lesson learned: do not make best friends in France, become terribly attached to them, then move back to the United States and have them disperse all over the country. :( I'm very exited for Spring Break, though. Mark and I are planning on flying down to see Allison in Texas and Chris is going to fly over from Louisiana. We're going to go to the beach, I think. That means I have to lose five pounds, keep it off, and somehow manage to tone up. Blech.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Enough with doing your best already!

The one thing I do not like about F1 drivers is that they always say in interviews "I will just drive my best and achieve the best result possible. Of course I want to win, but really I just always want to do my best." Sometimes it is so irritating. It's like when NASCAR drivers always say after a race "I just want to thank everyone. Everyone worked really hard out there today; it's too bad we didn't win, I really feel like we had a good car." That's the nice thing about F1 drivers. They like to complain afterwards.

2008 Launches: Ferrari, McLaren, Toyota, BMW

I haven't had a chance to read up much on the launches since I've been out of the house all week and now I'm behind in the news. I'm pretty pleased with the F2008 so far. They topped the times at Jerez the other day, which is good and at least everyone there is feeling enthusiastic about the car. Unlike BMW. Seriously, I don't think that Heidfeld and Kubica could have given more apathetic interviews. The ones they gave at the launch pretty much said that they couldn't feel any difference.

Q. What do you think of the car?

NH: Obviously from driving you cannot really say anything. I had last year's seat in the car. I did only three laps, but I was low on fuel so that was why maybe it felt so good.

Hm, I'm not impressed. Also not impressed with this:
Q. How do you feel inside the cockpit?

Robert Kubica: Well, inside is pretty similar as it was last year even though we have had a seat fitting. I am still using last year's seat so there was no big improvement, but I get a bit more space for my legs so it is a bit better, a bit more comfortable for myself.

I guess I just wanted a bit more, I don't know, excitement? Maybe that's why I find Felipe Massa so endearing, because he is always so excited. And when he's not excited he is saying something that sounds kind of smart. (I do not really have good reasons for liking drivers. I am very arbitrary. Example: I like Jeff Gordon better than Jimmie Johnson because Jeff Gordon has an adorable baby daughter and Jimmie Johnson's hair looks like plastic.) Really, though, I want to see Massa step up a little bit more. I know he is fast (he always has great times) but he's going to need to push harder this year to get past Raikkonen for #1 driver. I know he can do it!

McLaren: I really don't have much to say, since I haven't gotten through the news. All I know is that new McLaren Heikki Kovalainen kind of scares me. I don't know why. There's not much to say about Toyota, either except that I'm excited to see Timo Glock drive. He has spiky hair and funny name, so I like will probably like him regardless. Alonso drove well for Renault on Day 2. Still think he's a total douche. Mark and I were browsing Pitpass at Border's the other day and I was pleased to read that someone (don't remember who) agrees with me that Alonso may have already run his F1 career right into the ground. I just don't feel incredibly hopeful that he can get out of this one. I seriously think that he made such a bad name for himself last season at McLaren that if he's the least bit unreasonable or under-performs in 2008 he's going to be out. Probably not. Chances are there will always be a team that will want him because he can actually drive.

I was talking about Fisichella the other day and how I didn't think he was really all that good anymore. Twelfth at Jerez on Day 2 out of thirteen. I know it's the first time out with the car, but if he keeps up like this I might becoming increasingly unforgiving.

New Roommate

So I found a new roommate. She seems nice. Also really different from me. Not that that's a bad thing. I mean, I really have no problem with people who have differing ideas and tastes than I do. The problem is that I tend to change myself to be more accommodating to others so they will like me. I already feel like I'm going to have to censor myself and my activities a little because she is younger than I am and more religious. She doesn't drink, which means I am going to feel weird having any alcohol in the house and I certainly won't be able to imbibe there. Not that I drink a lot, but it would just be nice to be able to have a party or have a glass of wine and not feel really tense about it. With Megan I always felt like I couldn't have any alcohol around. I guess with this new girl I'm just feeling like I'm going to have to be careful how I act and whatnot when I'm at home, which is definitely stressful. I just want a place to relax. In the future I definitely want to live with someone who I know I'll feel 100% comfortable being myself around. Maybe it would be better off if I lived alone. On second thought, maybe not. I'm becoming a bit antisocial, I feel (actually antisocial is not the right word: I learned today that being antisocial actually means you manipulate others, commit crimes and as Matt puts it are generally "a huge asshole"). I just feel so nervous around people. I'm really trying to make friends, but it's hard. I feel like I'm not connecting with anyone and I feel so lonely. I know that sounds really emo, but I've been thinking about it a lot more lately, especially with my 21st coming up. I'd love to have a party, but honestly, who would come? Everyone is either back at school, not currently in contact with me, or just wouldn't show up. So what's the sense in organizing something and getting disappointed?

Sunday, January 13, 2008


So I've been looking for a roommate. I really need someone who can move in now, so I don't have to pay the full $900.00 myself again next month. Preferably looking for someone who is like-minded, studious, and mildly outgoing with good musical taste who won't trash the place on a daily basis. Is this possible?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Force India Drive

Today Force India announced their second driver. Everyone says they jumped the gun and announced their selection ahead of schedule (I think the difference was like a few hours)... despite the fact that they were supposed to announce it before Christmas. So if you think about it, they are actually massively behind schedule in handing out their decision and therefore I have been on tenterhooks since forever. I'm frankly not pleased that Fisichella got the drive. I wouldn't say that I dislike him. I certainly don't hate him. I thought that letter he wrote to Bernie Ecclestone was hilarious (you know, the one where he called him daddy?). Yet I really wanted to see Liuzzi get the drive. I just feel like he has more potential as driver, you know? Actually it is probably just because I read somewhere that he said his bad habit was Nutella and bread. That's genius. It is also my bad habit (among others). Also because I seriously think Fisichella has peaked as a driver. Renault's not a bad team. They are certainly a better team than Force India, which means that last season they [Renault] did offer him a better car than what he'll be driving this season at FI. It just looks to me like he's washing out. Also, too bad for Ralf Schumacher. I hope he enjoys his "sabbatical" playing with his six dogs.