Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scrutineering Returns!

Well, we're officially back! Honestly, blogging is hard. You've really got to work at it. When life throws too much stuff at you (i.e. work and school, but mostly work, dammit!), it's easy to get sidetracked. Then there is lots of catching up to do and all that jazz. There's so much that I want to say, yet somehow can't remember because it's just been too long. So if I miss something or comment on something really late, forgive me. I've been in such a rut after the championship. Really, it absolutely affected my mood! I'd be all blue and depressed thinking about F1 and some days even the thought of Ferrari couldn't cheer me up! Which is a terrifying feeling to have when you are as devoted to the Scuderia as I am. Additionally, Lewis Hamilton is somehow still everywhere, which means six out of seven days when I check Autosport or PlanetF1, I feel like I'm going to vom.

However, back to business. Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna start with the big news, the really heavy-hitting events!

#1: I am going to Spa!

Oh, wait, were you expecting me to talk about HONDA withdrawing from F1? 'Cause we'll get to that. But since I've had Spa plans (and tickets, for that matter) since October and HONDA just dropped their bombshell last week, well, really, I think I get to go first.

Once I make up my mind to do something, it is hard to tell me 'no.' Sure, I might change my mind later on on my own plans, but most of the time I get an idea in my head and nothing can prevent me from following through. This time, it was Spa. It all came out of me needing to learn German and wanting to go to Stuttgart to study this summer. Since I don't start school next fall until September 9th or something ungodly late like that, I decided that I could conceivably be (semi-)irresponsible, go study in Germany, have a blast, etcetera, and hey, extend my stay in order to trot around Belgium. And since I was going to be in Belgium, why not mosey over to Spa and use my badass Dutch/F1 skills? So I bought the tickets. And wow, what tickets! Seriously, guys, I saved for months. Every penny. All my work money and tips. I did research on the best seats, best places to stand, best places to stay. And then I logged onto and got grandstand seats at Eau Rouge. You can be jealous now.

However, all I can think about in my free time now is going to Spa. It may be eight months away, but I can't wait!

Probably more on this later. Now I've got to get to dinner.

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