Friday, February 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

Here in Minneapolis, it's been another fabulous Friday. Sure, it may have been Friday the 13th (hiss!, boo!, yada, yada, yada), but that doesn't mean there can't be fantastic news. Firstly, the sandstorms have abated and testing resumed today in Bahrain, where Kimi Raikkonen trumped the lap times both Toyota and BMW in the F60. Ferrari on top, well, it's not surprising. But...

We were using the KERS! And nothing went wrong!

Oh, I'm having one of those Scuderia moments where I feel deliriously giddy and perilously close to fainting. I feel like some glowing angel with Jesus-like features is flying me very quietly over a mountain range somewhere in Austria (Oh, wait, that's called the Christkind, my bad)! Except this is even better than Christmas!*

It's just such a relief. Frankly, I've been nervous about KERS. How could I not be, what, will all the news that we were terribly behind schedule/struggling during the past several months.

Oh, but all this gets better, because I just learned today that my favorite British driver (Ant Davidson, of course!!) is getting a commentator's position on BBC Radio 5! Yes, I would love to see him get back in a car, but as that's not possible at the moment, this really is the next best thing. He's quite concise. Kijk even over dit filmpje!

Doesn't it just make you feel good inside?!

*NB: Apparently in Austria Santa Claus doesn't exist, just some radiant, stealthy Jesus angel called the Christkind. Weird, huh? Who thought that up?

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