Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Helmet Word Association (Part One)

As you all know, each F1 driver has his own helmet. They can be different brands or styles, but most importantly, each driver has his own design scheme. Most of the designs are pretty intangible. But what do you think of when you look at them? Post your favorite in comments if you like! Maybe I'll post them here too!

P1 Kimi Raikkonen
29 points (+10 extra points for knowing how to be badass and finish a race in second, even with an ear infection!*)

Emily says: tribal!

P2 Lewis Hamilton
20 points

Emily says: French's yellow mustard!

P3 Robert Kubica
19 points

Emily says: tomato!

P4 Felipe Massa
18 points

Emily says: butterfly!

P5 Nick Heidfeld
16 points

Emily says: ice storm!

P6 Heikki Kovalainen
14 points (10 additional points awarded for surviving an 80mph head-on collision like a champ!)

Emily says: corporate!

P7 Jarno Trulli
9 points

Emily says: hornets!

P8 Mark Webber
7 points

Emily says: bacon and eggs!

*Has anyone ever had an ear infection? I had chronic ones when I was younger. Believe me, the last thing I would be able to do would be to drive super fast in a ridiculously hot car for a few hours while taking multiple Gs to the head. That's heroic.


Alshain said...

Gotta go with Webber's and Heidfeld's. They're pretty classy. Wtf is up with Hamilton's helmet? Does it have anything to do with anything, or is it just random ribbons?

joe said...

How is Mark Webber's like bacon and eggs?