Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Only Time I May Say This: Busch Series > F1

Vitantonio Liuzzi said that when Torro Rosso booted him last season he got offers from a team in the Busch series to drive for them. OMG, that would've been awesome! At least for me, because frankly I am not all that interested in all these open-wheel drivers who have been going to NASCAR lately, but Liuzzi I probably would have watched. I wish he would have gotten the drive at Force India instead of the testing position. Aside from his (slightly) irrational anger against Gerhard Berger, he seems like a great guy. And I guess we have the same bad habit, Nutella and bread. Well, we'll see what he'll do after next season. I heard he also got offers to test for Champ Car (but who knows what's going on with that at the moment), but also an offer from Peugeot to race in Le Mans. That could be kinda cool.

Note: If you're wondering where you may have heard of Vitantonio Liuzzi (and you are not Mark) it was on my blog. He's the guy in the bullfighting scene with the mailing envelope, remember? Additionally, I went back and watched that video again and he just stops when that guy shows up! I mean, he's in the middle of fighting a bull (which is actually a car, but let's not quibble over Red Bull's inane details) and he sees him and is just like, "Oh, let me turn away from this bull-car (which is presumably still pissed off and dangerous!) and dramatically extinguish my torch in this bucket of water." Does Red Bull not understand how dangerous that is?! Someone could have been gored or lost a leg!

Also: I know that you are probably thinking, "OMG, look at that mullet, Vitantonio Liuzzi is totally just an Italian hick." But I promise, he got a haircut and now he looks really good. See?

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joe said...

HAHAHA i was actually not thinking about the mullet until you were kind enough to point it out to me, thank god he got a haircut!