Monday, February 11, 2008

Update on EVF1 and Some Kimi Raikkonen FACTS

So I said I would have that next post up this weekend. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. I'm more optimistic about getting it up this week, but no promises. :( Caribou has me working a ton this week (next week I have 28.00 hours, which I find to be excessive) and there's homework to contend with too. However, to appease you, I wrote up three fun facts about Kimi Raikkonen to tide you over.

FACT: Kimi Raikkonen's favorite foods are chicken, pasta, and reindeer meat.

FACT: Kimi Raikkonen has no mentor: he "motivates [himself] alone."

FACT: Kimi Raikkonen cites A Knight's Tale as one of his favorite movies(another good reason to add it to Netflix!).

FACT: Kimi Raikkonen prefers oversteer.

FACT: Kimi Raikkonen's three things to take on a desert island: "Lots of food, girlfriend, helicopter."

FACT: Kimi Raikkonen's wedding present was a doberman.

FACT: "Kimi Raikkonen" is synonymous with "victory".

Bonus smiley picture:

Bonus baby picture:

Bonus "Kimi Raikkonen-dressed-like-a-gorilla" picture (seriously, that's him):

Bonus captioned picture:

Bonus "OMG, I-seriously-cringe-&-die-a-little-whenever-I-see-this-picture" picture:


Alshain said...

Who is that on the right? Mika Hakkinen?

Theipval Memorial said...

I can't be sure. Some think it's Hakkinen, others believe it's his dad (it's not). They are close friends, but my visual analysis of other pictures makes me inclined to say no: his nose is the wrong shape and I've never seen him sport a weird beard-type thing.

joe said...


2)which of the 5 facts were the three fun ones?

Theipval Memorial said...

Um, did I mention that in my mind three means five? NO, I just got carried away, lol.