Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who's Ross Brawn?

I've had a lot on my mind for the past few weeks, but haven't been able to write much. So let's catch up! First things first, just for kicks, let's meet Ross Brawn!

Ross Brawn is a "motorsport engineer" (i.e. designs fancy race cars!). He used to be Technical Director at Ferrari. His other job at Ferrari, I have found, was being generally jovial and allowing Michael Schumacher to hang off of him not unlike an untrained marmoset. Some examples:

... and again...

... and yet again (they're totally BFFs, how sweet!)...

Anyways, Ross Brawn took a sabbatical last season. In this case, the phrase "taking a sabbatical" means that he needed a whole season to decide how to say:

I guess that since we're talking about Honda, now is a good time to meet them too. Some of you have kindly pointed out that when I did my first EVF1 post about teams, I had nothing to say about them. As I still really have nothing of note to say about them, we can think of it this way:

Honda has ex-Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn as their new team principal (fancy way to say "someone who makes important decisions and gets to wear a jumpsuit like the drivers' for no good reason").

Honda also has ex-Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello, who was #2 to Michael Schumacher under the technical direction of Ross Brawn.

From these facts, we can conclude that Honda is where Ferrari sends its rejected ex-employees to die (!).

Everyone was so worried that without Ross Brawn, Ferrari would be toast (what a laugh!). I'm interested, however, to see what Brawn plans of doing with Honda, where there's obviously quite a bit to do. I think it'd be great if he could give them a really nice car in the future. I feel kind of bad for Jensen Button and Rubens Barrichello. Neither of them are bad drivers, and I just think it'd be pleasant if one or both of them could get a win and be all smiley for a bit. That's the one thing that I've really taken away from all of my reading is what a good car can do for a driver. Obviously being a skilled driver is important, but having something decent to drive makes quite a difference. I mean, Barrichello won nine races at Ferrari with his highest championship finish being 2nd and lowest 8th, yet he didn't manage to score a single point with Honda this season and finished 20th! Behold the difference between Ferrari (awesome cars!!) and Honda (enhh...). :(

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Alshain said...

"From these facts, we can conclude that Honda is where Ferrari sends its rejected ex-employees to die (!)."

Or more likely, that Honda has a ton of money to throw at their F1 programme because they're desperate to beat Toyota, and they want to be better by hiring the best. :-)