Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kimi for Champion

It's time for me to have my first dilemma of the season. That's right, which of my drivers am I going to back?

I do this every year. I pick one driver who I stand behind. Then I stand in front of my TV the whole season and shout encouraging things at them and act supportive. This tradition began in 2007 with Kimi Raikkonen. It's true, I really had no idea who was in July of 2007. I just knew that people were saying he was under-performing so badly that there was talk of bringing back Michael Schumacher. I really didn't know who he was either. However, somehow I decided that Kimi Raikkonen should get a chance, dammit and began to support him in all his endeavors. Not unlike how Felipe Massa supports Joe in all of his..

Last year I threw all my supportive efforts behind Felipe Massa, because I felt that Kimi would obviously be able to handle himself after having won the WDC. Well, I was wrong, which is why I'll probably have to stand behind Raikkonen this year again.

Who do I think will be top dog this year at Ferrari? Mm, probably Kimi. Yeah, Kimi for champion.

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