Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Thoughts

1. First, shut the fuck up about Ferrari's performance in Prac 2. Shit happens and I'm pretty sure we just set the car up wrong for conditions. This is obvious. Don't you try to tell me that they've somehow become "inconsistent" over the span of two hours when they've been great through the winter. You're just trying to start drama. Shame on you.

2. I think Rubens Barichello is going to pwn Jensen Button hardcore this season. I have been saying this forever. Everyone keeps trying to tell me that Button is so much better. He's not.

3. Adrian Sutil is a great driver and I would like to see him get in a good car. He has a lot of passion. That being said, "passion" is based on a lot of different things. And whereas Felipe Massa is passion, not everyone who's passionate is Felipe Massa.

4. McLaren is most definitely fail. Now is one of those times when I will temporarily put aside all my distain for Lewis Hamilton, because really right now he is desperately in need of hugs time. When McLaren runs 17th and 18th in a practice and the 18th car is not Kovalainen, I imagine it hurts a certain World Champion. So while I don't like Lewis Hamilton, he can pick up a friendly embrace in Minnesota, should he be around in the next hour or so.

5. Fuck diffusers.

6. I think I am out of both Jolly Ranchers and vodka. I need to stock up!

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