Thursday, July 24, 2008


I've been reading this high school girl's F1 blog. She has a list of her goals. They are:

- To own my own copy of Shopaholic & Baby
- To own the whole set of Gossip Girl books
- To have a Finnish flag
- To have the guts to ask Jeya for F1 tickets
- To go watch FORMULA ONE this year!!!!
- To have a bloody Converse sneakers!

Also listed are:

-See the world, drive nice cars, i wanna have boobies.

So I kind of figured I should have a list of goals, too...

-See (more of) the world: I want to go to Russia, CZ, Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands, Brazil (and so on)...
-Look at real estate in Monaco

-Go to the Winter Olympics (not as an athlete; thought I should clarify that)
-Go to grad school
-Live abroad again (preferably in Britain)
-Get married and have kids
-Get the world's best job
-Learn how to ride a motorcyle
-Spend more time with my family
-Go to Florence and Rome and see art
-Learn Slovenian
-Go to Maranello
-Own a Classic Mini

-Drive across Europe
-Drive a nice (reasonably to moderately expensive) car
-Buy my dad a nice car
-Get in shape
-Have a leather jacket that ages well
-Get a puppy
-Learn how to ride a horse
-Distinguish myself in my field (whatever that ends up being)
-Have more time to read
-Drive the Nurburgring
-Someday be able to afford cable
-Be able to write about F1 and have people read it
-Haha, I wanna own a Finnish and Brazilian flag

And yes, I wanna have "boobies."

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