Thursday, July 24, 2008


As many of you may have heard, my latest attempt at public speaking (my final presentation for British History) was once again sub-par. While chatting with Austin on AIM tonight, I bemoaned the numerous gaffes I made and quipped that perhaps I would have done better if I could have given the presentation on something "cool," "like 'Why Silverstone will no longer host the British GP'." We were required to have a clear thesis and argument. I would most definitely have been capable of presenting and (vehemently) defending numerous arguments on the matter of "Why I don't think Lewis Hamilton deserves to win WDC." Really, on either of these two topics ten minutes in front of twenty-three people would have been a walk in the park.

Asympt0ta11y (10:38:34 PM):
yea if only there was an F1 politics class
Abreactive Emily (10:39:07 PM): I would rock that class.
Asympt0ta11y (10:40:16 PM): haha no doubt
Asympt0ta11y (10:40:22 PM): you could make one if you become a prof
Asympt0ta11y (10:40:25 PM):
the history of F1

At about this point, I made up my mind: It may be time (okay, it's definitely) time to sit down and hammer out the long-overdue EVF1 (Part 2). In all probability, Ill actually have the free-time to accomplish this, as Summer semester winds down and my classes finish up!

But I've also decided to tackle a much larger project... I do want to develop an F1 Politics class. And while I'm at it, why not attempt to teach the History of F1? Therefore, for Fall Semester 2008 Scrutineering will present its first lecture, one of many in a multi-part series aptly named "F1." At least until I think of a better name..

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Anonymous said...

So i'm sitting here bored at work and decided to think up some ideas for class titles. So here is a list, in no particular order of what may entice people to join.

"The History of F1 and why you should care more about it."

"Kimi Räikkönen, an anthropological look at a man with significantly more umlauts than his personality might suggest"

"Vroom Vroom"

"Slow Motion Clips of Cars Crashing at High Speed"