Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Farewell, Super-Girly :(

Today Honda officially dealt the death knell to Super Aguri. It's a shame. Although I'm not a die-hard fan of the team, it's still kind of unfortunate. They were a sweet, likable outfit, generally unoffensive, didn't cause any drama, and (as I found out last night) had very attractive team merchandise. After Honda got the SAF1 team trucks banned from the paddock in Turkey, I just knew that things weren't going to turn out well in the end. I kind of wish it all could have been worked out, just because I wanted to know who the mystery investors Weigl had lined up were! What would have become of Super Aguri? Would they have gotten better? Would they beat someone out and not have been the back-marker team? We'll never know. I guess the bigger question is what's going to happen to Anthony Davidson and Takuma Sato. I can see Sato getting picked up by someone to test. He's not a bad driver and he used to do pretty well. He's consistently done better than Davidson at Super Aguri, that's for sure. But poor Ant. I really hope he can get something to work out for him. Look how sad he looks. :(

Kudos to Aguri Suzuki for what he said about Nick Fry. Namely:
"I don't understand how suddenly Nick Fry needs to be commenting on everything. [. . .] Honda were our backers and he's not the CEO of Honda. I have no interest in Nick Fry whatsoever and have no idea what he was talking about."

You tell him, Aguri! You have to admit, it was a bit out of order for Nick Fry to suddenly start acting like the Antichrist.

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