Monday, May 5, 2008


So here's a fun story.:

Today I went to the MOA by tram. There's a girl sitting across the aisle from me and when the tram stops I get up like normal, as did she. The doors open, we both get off, blah, blah, blah. Not unusual, right? Anyways, she starts walking moderately fast. I'm doing my thing, walking briskly (my "brisk" being equivalent to power-walking, minus the ridiculous arm swinging) through the mob on the platform and she's walking right next to me. Then she looks at me weird and noticeably speeds up. I'm just walking along and then she starts trying to cut in front of me. Suddenly I'm thinking, "What, is this a race? I walk faster than you; get out of my way." So I start to walk faster, just concentrating on getting across the road to the Transit Hub doors, inside so I can find jeans that probably won't fit right, etcetera! And she smirks at me and starts walking faster! I'm not even joking! It was like, "Pffft! I can beat that! You've got nothing! It's SO on!" I was totally not going to get beaten in a walking race at the MOA by that girl! It was not going to happen! So there we were, doing everything short of running into the mall. For the record, I won. And she looked pissed.

I know this makes me sound crazy. I am more competitive than I thought.

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