Saturday, May 3, 2008

Team-Mate Wars: Spain

It would be interesting to know which of Massa and Raikkonen got the optimum Ferrari strategy and who had to settle for the next best thing. You'd assume Raikkonen. Kimi's improvement in qualifying form is making it look increasingly like Ferrari Game Over before half the season is over. Massa needs to do something quickly before becoming the next Rubens Barrichello (amiable small Brazilian who can be relied on to follow his team leader home, and talented enough to develop his own set-up options).
-Andrew Davies, Planet F1

Oh, noes! Felipe, win more races! However, I am confident about his chances in Turkey

Turkey is to Felipe as Spa is to Kimi Raikkonen. He has back-to-back wins there from 2006 and 2007. I'm predicting Massa will ace qualifying and pull away from Kimi in the race just like at Bahrain. Winning enough races to pull away from Kimi in the championship? Doubtful, but I'm a dreamer.

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