Monday, September 22, 2008

Appeal Day (Wordy Version)

The other day someone told me they were "morally opposed" to the movie Death Race because they absolutely could not support its... well, badness. Well, I'm morally opposed to Hamilton winning his appeal Spa chicane appeal in Paris. I hope to God he doesn't. First of all, how can he even appeal this? Drive-through penalties are strictly unappealable (which apparently is not a word: did I mean "unappetizing?" No, I didn't). And people claim Ferrari get special treatment (which is a load of rubbish IMHO)! This appeal is totally unadmissable! If Hamilton wins, he'll have flouted the rules. Secondly, I am a bit miffed that he was so rude to Nigel Tozzi!
"Are you a racing driver? No!"

How disrespectful! And terribly presumptuous! I don't care if you're a driver and he's not! That doesn't make you somehow more right!

The FIA committee needs to stand firm. One of them (preferably Thierry Juillard, because he sounds like a nice old guy) needs to stand up and say, "Bitch, please!"

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joe said...

death race sounds like a bad nascar-ish version of stephen king's Running man.