Thursday, September 11, 2008

But they'z both mah favorite!

While the forecast this weekend threatens thunderstorms and showers, I am predicting a deluge of pasta. That's right, it's the Italian Grand Prix at Monza and as it's Ferrari's home grand prix, I'll be cooking for the occasion. Pity my brothers who are coming to stay with me until Sunday, as they are going to have linguine coming out their ears and will have to suffer me dancing around the kitchen wearing my Scuderia flag as a cape.

I'm supremely excited about Monza. It just feels special. Perhaps it's because Ferrari is on home turf. Maybe it's because I've never watched a grand prix there? All that aside, from what I have read, it's an amazingly challenging track, high-speed and taxing on nearly every part of the car, from the engine to the brakes to the tyres. Combine these aspects with the fact that it's apparently monsoon season in Monza and you've got yourself a winner of a race.

Despite how stoked I am for Sunday, I've got a bit of a quandary on my hands, namely:

"Which driver will I formally support?"

If you've been perusing my blog recently, you'll no doubt have seen that Kimi Raikkonen is back in my good graces. I'd love to see him do well, because I have a weakness for underdogs. That facet of Kimi Raikkonen may have been the foremost reason why I became a staunch Ferrari fan last season rather than becoming enamored with the stainless steel empire which is McLaren. Admit it, don't you occasionally catch yourself thinking, "Is it even possible for him to come back from 19 points behind the Hamilton and win it? Do you think he could really do it?" You've got to concede that that would be brilliant.

As much as I'm curious about Raikkonen's ability to make up that much ground in five races, I've also got to consider the other Maranello man, Felipe Massa. Frankly, with two DNFs at the season's start, a unenchanting 13th place finish at Silverstone, and 17th place in Hungary (what a tragedy!), he's had to work his ass off! Massa has impressed me so much this season. He's made such an effort to be consistent, smart, and safe (except at Silverstone - that spinning was terrifying) and I believe he deserves the title. Also, he is super cute and cuddly (see proof below).

It's a tough call. Do I continue to support Kimi in his championship endeavors, even though it means he could draw points from Massa and therefore increase Hamilton's chances of pulling away in the standings? Or do I opt to back Felipe exclusively, relegating Raikkonen to a supporting role and essentially hanging him out to dry (below, see how affronted he would be if I did this)?

Stefano Domenicali, you must be in one hell of a conundrum..

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