Friday, September 26, 2008

DeBATE! And I love Singapore!!!!

OMMMMMG!!!!!! WAZIRISTAN. It's right here! Reader from Pakistan, are you from Waziristan!? I'm watching John McCain speak! OMGGGGG! He's so old! Not gonna vote for him. And he said "2/4ths of Juy ago." That's weird. I'm eatin' some Finn Crispzzz because tomorrow is Kimi Raikkonen VODKA FOOD DINNER! Earlier this evening, I said Kimi RAIKKONEN was in Finland. Welllll, he's in SINGAPORE. Whhopps. Speaking of Singapore, I'm super excited. Not about Hamilton. Lame ass.

Now we're talking about Vladimir Putin. I'm gonna go for a walk!

Forza Ferrari; forza Felipe; forza Kimi; forza Obama! Obama has not mentioned the Crimea. BITCHIN'!

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