Monday, September 15, 2008

MN: Not part of FR

Monaco is not in France and people would do well to remember that fact.

What/where is Monaco?

Monaco is a small principality located approximately 20 km from Nice, FR. Although it is situated within the borders of France, Monaco is nevertheless a sovereign country governed by a constitutional monarchy, not Nicolas Sarkozy.

Despite the fact that French is the official language of Monaco, Monaco is not part of France.

Even though Monaco is serviced by France's national rail system (SNCF), it is incorrect to assert that the city-state is governed by the French national government.

Although Monaco was indeed under French control immediately following the French Revolution, the principality has been independent from France since 1861.

Monaco is a tax haven (no income tax is collected), a fact which distinguishes it from France where citizens are required to pay income tax annually.

In conclusion, (you've guessed it!) Monaco is not France!

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