Sunday, June 1, 2008

France: Creperie Adventure and the Blue Screen of Death

It's been a long time since I've blogged. Oops. I'm taking a much-needed break from the paper I'm supposed to be writing to recount a bit of what's been going on in France so far. As you know I'm here for three weeks. Last year when I was here, my big vice was kebabs. I loved them. Still do, I guess. But this summer I seem to be craving crepes. Maybe that's because everyone else I'm with is eating them. Nutella crepes with banana. Maybe some coconut. The banana makes it almost healthy. There's a crepe stand that we always go to. It's on the touristy restaurant street across the river from Notre Dame. The last time we went we paid the 50 centimes to sit upstairs, since it was raining. From the window upstairs you can see the kebab shop across the street. I mean, it's a tiny street, so you're about 15 feet away from it, tops. I've been to that place before. I distinctly remember it because when the kebab man puts salt on your fries he also flips the salt back onto the counter. Essentially, he tosses the can and it always lands right-side up. Always. So as we're sitting there, I see him flip the salt and tell everyone that they should watch and that it's so cool. Really, it is! Imagine the six of us sitting there waiting. Jess kept a commentary going. We were all totally hyped up (probably because we'd just had a ton of sugar and were all giggly anyways). Someone ordered a kebab. The guy goes for the deep-fat fryer. He puts the fries on the kebab. Grabs the salt. Salts the fries... and puts the salt back down normally!!! You know at football games when the kicker misses the field goal? That "Ohhhhhhhh!" noise? That's what we all did. Really loud disappointment. The guy at the kebab stand stared at us. The man who was making the kebab stared at us. Banana Stand Man (the young guy who makes the crepes, who actually only cuts the bananas [we watch too much Arrested Development]) actually exits the creperie to stand in the street and look up at us in the window. What an adventure.

Later that night we had a discussion about the Blue Screen of Death. Then a virus ate Inge's computer (questionable subject matter had been searched). Actually ate. Little cockroaches came out and started to much on the screen! We took the computer to FNAC and got it fixed... for free! And the guy fixed lots of other stuff too on the house!

Oh, France.

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