Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some People Really Hate Lewis Hamilton

I don't think I could ever really say "I hate Lewis Hamilton" and really mean it totally seriously. Completely loathing Lewis would be petty and take a lot of time and energy. Top this all off with the fact that he probably is a really nice 23-year-old, who just happens to be so determined that he frequently seems cocky/like kind of a douche.

Why this analysis on my feelings towards one of the up-and-coming drivers of my generation? Lol, because I stumbled across this today:

Some people really despise Lewis Hamilton; despise him enough to make business cards..

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Margot said...

No, I think you really do hate lewis with a passion, just like all the other sad acts who go out of their way to feign indifference.
It isn't working.
So try to be honest, let your embittered loathing free, keeping it pent up will only end up with you venting it in some deranged and criminal manner.
Go on... you know you wanna....