Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hooray, Robert Kubica (The "Damn it, Belgium!" Edition)

Ahhh, I can't believe I missed the Canadian Grand Prix! I was in Belgium. I did my best to make it to a TV set, but apparently pubs don't abound in Bruxelles, only cafes. Also, I left my last Jolly Rancher in my bag in the locker at the train station. So it got to be time to eat it and it wasn't there! So I got some chocolate (dude, it was a chocolate maple leaf and a truffle called "Brasil" - I thought those might do the trick, you know?) and hoped it would have the same effects. Then we headed straight for the nearest bar and at 6:15, I had a quick beer for Kimi Raikkonen. Alas, I fear that 6:15 was too late. :( From what I'm reading, the race was crazy. First the track disintegrates, then Robert Kubica wins a race, Nick Heidfeld takes second, and DC manages to not crash, finish the race and scoop up third (I know, that's weird, isn't it?)! All this punctuated by Lewis Hamilton rear-ending Kimi Raikkonen in the pitlane, which has me terribly steamed (Damn it, Hamilton! I watched the video before the FIA removed it and all I could think was, "Lewis Hamilton, you moron!" Hence the earlier post.). It would have been really great if Raikkonen could have won (refer to the post "Those Three Points"), but I'm immensely pleased with the outcome. Yay, Robert Kubica! For realz. I was so excited when I read the headlines and kind of freaked out. I'm pretty sure my roommate now thinks I am crazy:

Emily: Oh! Oh, oh! OMG! No way! What!? Robert Kubica won a race! OMG, he actually won a race! And Nick Heidfeld got second?! No! Whoa! He totally looks like a Jedi! ...And what did Lewis Hamilton do to Kimi Raikkonen?
Jess: Ummmm...

How incredibly well-deserved. I did say ("Those Three Points") that I would be cool with a Kubica win. I'm so glad. It's about time. And with Kimi Raikkonen pretty much saying he's out of F1... oh, I am SO excited for 2010. Or maybe even next year! Hopefully sometime in the future.
I'm so sad I missed watching it live.

Now that I've given Kubica his due, let's deal with the Hamilton incident. He's getting a 10-place grid penalty for the FR GP, which is realistically the best I could hope for. Unfortunately, Nico Rosberg is getting one, too. I hope the discussion that Kimi and Lewis had was particularly unpleasant/uncomfortable. I know Hamilton said sorry, but it wasn't terribly sincere. Cue my mother here to twist his arm and say, "Say it like you mean it!"

I'm comforted by the fact the Massa was at least able to finish 5th and get some points (4). That puts him in 3rd in the WDC, tied with Hamilton. Hang in there, Felipe.

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