Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hooray, Andrew Davies! (For Bringin' It Back)

Why do I love Andrew Davies? Let me count the ways... I find him a terribly astute, well-spoken individual with a fantastic vocabulary. His subtle (yet somehow blatant) Massa bias is immensely pleasing to me. Without "Team-Mate Wars" and "Winners and Losers" to prolong my race weekend euphoria until the following Thursday, I would have nothing to get me through to the next Grand Prix. Lastly, I adore Andrew Davies because he is a master at bringing it back. What is "bringing it back,"you may ask? Wonder no longer:

"Bringing it back": the act of sneakily tying a previously discussed theme or fact (often popular) into a seemingly unrelated conversation.

The other day, ran an article entitled "Trying to Burn Bernie." It's all about the falling-out which seems to be happening between the Baby Eagle and Max and how it's turning into an all-out war in which the latest attack has been the introduction of a feeder series (F2) by the FIA to rival GP2. I imagine it to be like The Clash of the Titans, as you can see in the picture above. By now, the vast majority of F1 aficionados (excepting those who have been residing in caves or comatose) are very much aware of Mosley-gate. Bernie deplored Mosley's refusal to resign his role in light of the scandal surrounding him. In the event the reader has been in a cave or comatose, the aforementioned scandal revolves around the revelation that Max enjoys Nazi-themed S&M orgies (although he vehemently disputes that first bit). Since then there have been rumors of a split between F1 and the FIA and untold bad feelings between Max and Bernie. Are these speculations in fact true? Well, frankly, I haven't the foggiest. But anyways, back to the article!

How does Andrew Davies begin another editorial masterpiece? By employing a genius allusion:
The FIA's announcement this week that they are to launch a new F2 series to rival GP2 is the most visible of opening shots. To use a WWII analogy, Max Mosley has just stormed across the border into Poland with his Panzer divisions.
Oh, how many ways can one link Max to Nazism? But you must admit that slipping that in took some verbal finesse...

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