Monday, June 2, 2008

What My Dad Said

I sent my dad an email the other day with my review of Monaco. It was lengthy, detailed, and I explained everything from fuel strategy to Safety Car procedures. I joked that F1 journalism is my Plan B if I can't attain a curatorial position.

He wrote back to me:

You are right. You need to find work in that field as I see the pashion for the sport in every one of your e-mails. Work hard and you will get in there.

Quite frankly, that's making me tear up a little. In reality, it would be quite impossible for me to ever do anything like that. But having my dad believe in my ability to make it happen really chokes me up. He's never actually said anything that positive about my interest in motorsport before, so this is a pretty big deal. Usually he just looks at me like I'm crazy, lol!

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