Thursday, January 24, 2008

Caravaggio is a Badass

I think I like most of my classes this semester. I am pretty pumped about Baroque Art. Did you know that Caravaggio killed a guy? And that he wounded several others? All at different times? And that he threw a plate of artichokes at a waiter and freaked out? Did you know that almost everything he paints is amazing. Okay, so Caravaggio only did a few still-life paintings. Mostly because he had to, as he was being apprenticed and, well, you really don't have a say in what you do. You just do it and tolerate it. Look how cool this is! Trust me, it is even cooler when you look even closer at it. I also like this one, because you can see the reflection of a window in the vase:

Some people think this is a self-portrait. But it's like everything Caravaggio does. Everyone always thinks that. That's because when he was poor, living in Rome, and trying to start selling work and was so broke he couldn't afford models, so he just painted himself in a mirror. Pretty darn clever.

So here's Caravaggio. I think he kind of looks like Charles Manson. See here:


freereflection said...

I love that priceless expression on that chick's face when the vase is spilling: "oh, shit..!" or i guess in italian, "che cazzo!"

joe said...

lol. is she getting bit by a turtle?
also, carvaggio looks more like manson than jesus. and less like jesus than manson did. does that make sense?