Monday, January 21, 2008

The Food Network

What did I do today at work? I made lattes, I wiped down the fridges, and I watched the Food Network for the better part of five hours. I am amazed at how addicting I find this channel. I find it a bit sad that I can now recognize all of the Food Network personalities on sight. I get really excited when Tyler Florence makes really cool things like London Broil. I was super excited when I got to watch all about Rachel Ray's career in cooking. It is especially hard to be on register and watch the Food Network because I get so distracted. You get one of those Aveda girls and they screech at you, "Um, I need a short, skinny, SF Vanilla, iced latte with an extra shot!" And then I mentally yell back, "Well, hey, I have to watch Giada De Laurentis make this weird-looking Italian pasta-bread thing or else I'm going to explode!" Sometimes they have amazing challenges like who can make the best gingerbread house or when they make edible Christmas tree decorations. Yesterday they totally made a cake that looked just like an elephant. WHOA, how cool is that?! Today they had a few guys who I've never seen before. They made a sexually charged steak. Why do I say "sexually charged"? Because I had to endure them saying things like "You've got to penetrate it slow and deep" and "I don't know whether to eat it or ride it" for half an hour. I love the Food Network. Yum-o.


freereflection said...

haha oh those aveda girls

Joe said...

yumo is right. damn i want an elephant cake. also, aveda girls... what can i say about them? it's pretty hit and miss i guess. chin up kiddo.

my word verification for this blog is awwkyoms... i thought i'd share that.