Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2008 Launches: Ferrari, McLaren, Toyota, BMW

I haven't had a chance to read up much on the launches since I've been out of the house all week and now I'm behind in the news. I'm pretty pleased with the F2008 so far. They topped the times at Jerez the other day, which is good and at least everyone there is feeling enthusiastic about the car. Unlike BMW. Seriously, I don't think that Heidfeld and Kubica could have given more apathetic interviews. The ones they gave at the launch pretty much said that they couldn't feel any difference.

Q. What do you think of the car?

NH: Obviously from driving you cannot really say anything. I had last year's seat in the car. I did only three laps, but I was low on fuel so that was why maybe it felt so good.

Hm, I'm not impressed. Also not impressed with this:
Q. How do you feel inside the cockpit?

Robert Kubica: Well, inside is pretty similar as it was last year even though we have had a seat fitting. I am still using last year's seat so there was no big improvement, but I get a bit more space for my legs so it is a bit better, a bit more comfortable for myself.

I guess I just wanted a bit more, I don't know, excitement? Maybe that's why I find Felipe Massa so endearing, because he is always so excited. And when he's not excited he is saying something that sounds kind of smart. (I do not really have good reasons for liking drivers. I am very arbitrary. Example: I like Jeff Gordon better than Jimmie Johnson because Jeff Gordon has an adorable baby daughter and Jimmie Johnson's hair looks like plastic.) Really, though, I want to see Massa step up a little bit more. I know he is fast (he always has great times) but he's going to need to push harder this year to get past Raikkonen for #1 driver. I know he can do it!

McLaren: I really don't have much to say, since I haven't gotten through the news. All I know is that new McLaren Heikki Kovalainen kind of scares me. I don't know why. There's not much to say about Toyota, either except that I'm excited to see Timo Glock drive. He has spiky hair and funny name, so I like will probably like him regardless. Alonso drove well for Renault on Day 2. Still think he's a total douche. Mark and I were browsing Pitpass at Border's the other day and I was pleased to read that someone (don't remember who) agrees with me that Alonso may have already run his F1 career right into the ground. I just don't feel incredibly hopeful that he can get out of this one. I seriously think that he made such a bad name for himself last season at McLaren that if he's the least bit unreasonable or under-performs in 2008 he's going to be out. Probably not. Chances are there will always be a team that will want him because he can actually drive.

I was talking about Fisichella the other day and how I didn't think he was really all that good anymore. Twelfth at Jerez on Day 2 out of thirteen. I know it's the first time out with the car, but if he keeps up like this I might becoming increasingly unforgiving.

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