Thursday, January 10, 2008

Force India Drive

Today Force India announced their second driver. Everyone says they jumped the gun and announced their selection ahead of schedule (I think the difference was like a few hours)... despite the fact that they were supposed to announce it before Christmas. So if you think about it, they are actually massively behind schedule in handing out their decision and therefore I have been on tenterhooks since forever. I'm frankly not pleased that Fisichella got the drive. I wouldn't say that I dislike him. I certainly don't hate him. I thought that letter he wrote to Bernie Ecclestone was hilarious (you know, the one where he called him daddy?). Yet I really wanted to see Liuzzi get the drive. I just feel like he has more potential as driver, you know? Actually it is probably just because I read somewhere that he said his bad habit was Nutella and bread. That's genius. It is also my bad habit (among others). Also because I seriously think Fisichella has peaked as a driver. Renault's not a bad team. They are certainly a better team than Force India, which means that last season they [Renault] did offer him a better car than what he'll be driving this season at FI. It just looks to me like he's washing out. Also, too bad for Ralf Schumacher. I hope he enjoys his "sabbatical" playing with his six dogs.

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