Friday, January 18, 2008

Jarno Trulli Cut His Hair!

McLaren just announced today that they were going to extend Lewis Hamilton's contract until 2012. This was followed by a rather flowery interview in which Hamilton said that he was pleased an honored, thought this was the right team, he'd never want to drive for anyone else, etcetera, etcetera. After all this Ron Dennis said that Lewis was an "exceptional human being." I don't see how being able to drive a car makes you an exceptional human being, but I have heard that Lewis Hamilton is a very green person, recycling and all that. I also heard rumors that he ditched his girlfriend after the season (unbeknownst to her, or so I've read) and has possibly started dating his boss's daughter. Not very exceptional or upstanding. I do think that McLaren is probably the right team for Hamilton, though. At least they work well together, or so it appears.
In other news, Jarno Trulli cut his hair. That's nice because now he doesn't look so creepy. See the difference:



Isn't that much better?!

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