Monday, January 21, 2008

Where is that Stepney powder test at?!

Nigel Stepney resurfaced! And guess what? He doesn't think any part of the spy scandal was his fault! Well, sorry, I am more than a little skeptical, Nigel. Maybe I should read his book and clear things up. And whatever happened with that powder test? That's what I'd really like to read about. And about who was actually stalking his significant other around Europe. Both those things are far more interesting to me than listening to him cry about how F1 isn't what he wants it to be anymore and how he yearns for grassroots. I read that Mercedes is trying its darnedest to buy out Ron Dennis' shares at McLaren. I guess you can't blame them. I know they were trying to get him to step down too, but he wouldn't. In other news, Alonso is still looking fast, although I'm not too worried because it was only he and Hulkenberg at Valencia and Hulkenberg is much less experienced.

The other night I think I asserted that Jean Todt looks like a manatee. I think that he may look less like a manatee than I remembered.

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