Friday, August 8, 2008

If you don't want to listen to me rant bitterly, do not read this post, kthnxbai

You know what sucks? Yeah, that would be not having a job. Just over a month ago, I quit Caribou. I always get really excited when I leave Caribou because all of a sudden I feel so free! And everyone who has been nagging me to leave finally stops nagging me.

However, eventually I do start feeling poor. It's irritating to not make money. I hate seeing my savings dwindle because I'm not replenishing. You all are probably saying, "So find another job." Well, I'm working on it! But things get in the way. For starters, there's my schedule.

I, as a rule, have a larger credit load than the ordinary college student. So I really have no time for lengthy shifts during the middle of the day. I need something that I can work in the evenings. That's why Caribou was so great: I could close the store! Pretty much all on-campus jobs are closed to me. No, I don't want to work food service. Sorry, guys.

Also, it's really irritating that people keep telling me to do something like work at Subway. Why is that any different than Caribou? I will most likely dislike having to put up with people just as much, but I will make LESS. I was doing pretty well, wage-wise. I may have disliked my job occasionally, but I didn't hate it. I hated it a lot less than being unemployed.


Anonymous said...

You could apply at the rec! i think we got some shifts open for fall

joe said...

pretty much all student jobs work around your schedule... and food service isn't the only campus job. i second austin's suggestion.