Monday, August 25, 2008

Where is a child when I need one?

It's never too early to start training your child to drive a race car. However, you must have kids first. Damn, where is my kid when I them?!

12v Battery Operated F1 Grand Prix Ride On Racing Car
- Max speed 1st gear 2.5mph
- Max speed 2nd gear 5mph
- 2 Forward and a Reverse Gear
- Accelerator and Break Pedals
- Max driver weight 40Kg
- Powered by Hi-Tech Electric Motors Engine sound Hi Revving Racing Engine
- Powered by 1x12 volt motor
- 1x12 volt/Ah rechargeable Batteries from Plug In Wall Charger.
- Overall Length 135cm.
- IC sound with lights
- With FM Radio Fitted
- Rechargeable battery with adaptor

The F1 Racer is the "State of the Art" driving machine that will "Teach Kids How To Drive Well"!

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