Thursday, August 21, 2008

Raikkonen rubbing off on Massa?

What can we learn about Valencia from Felipe Massa?

I think it is pretty impressive, interesting. I think it is a pretty different
track than we are used to having on the calendar. You can have maybe some
corners which seem to be like Monaco but some very different corners, very long
straights which even can be similar to Bahrain for example. I think it is very nice. It will be very, very dirty tomorrow because you can see that the asphalt is very, very slippery and dirty but I think it will be ok. I think it will be nice. I like the city, very nice, so hopefully we can have a nice race for us but also for the people.

It's as if halfway through he thought, "Wait, I should be more like Kimi!" and commenced with being as redundant as humanly possible.. However, at least his assessment of Valencia is positive and I'm looking forward to seeing him navigate this nice, but "very, very dirty" track.

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joe said...

he sounds like an idiot. with a very, very, very, very nice, but small vocabulary