Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No, I do not want to pimp out the F2007!

Do you remember that Facebook application Petrolhead? I remember it fondly. It was one of those applications where you "raced" people to get points and buy better faster cars with the goal of someday attaining "Need to Get Out More" status. I say "raced" because all you did was click a button and the odds of chance decided who came out the winner. Well, anyways, they're revamping the application. I got an email about it. Apparently with the new Petrolhead, I can

"- Pimp out [my] car with decals, rims, backgrounds, and a new paint job"

What's wrong with this? Well, my current car is the F2007. And trying to do any of those things my pixelated Ferrari, well, it's unconscionable! Especially a new paint job...

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