Friday, March 14, 2008

AGP Qualy: Oh NOES!

Definitely a major "OH NOES!" situation for Ferrari. Sat down to watch qualifying (slightly drunk) and ended up being a bit despairing (reallly, nearly in tears) after watching Kimi Raikkonen attempt to coast back to the pits with a fuel pressure problem after Q1. Massa ended up fourth, so I guess that I need to really throw my full support behind Felipe at this point, which I am glad to do. The funny thing is that I knew something was wrong right away when Raikkonen was languishing out in 21st at the beginning. I hope they can do something to the car tonight without it costing more grid positions. With Hamiliton on pole and Heikki in third, I'm really inclined to think that McLaren has this race in the bag, unfortunately. However, I can't do anything about it and we won't know until tomorrow. Again, if they can do something with the car, I know that Kimi should easily overtake most of the field. But I guess we'll just have to see. 

On another note, I was absolutely floored by the pace of the BMWs, especially Kubica who came in second. Honestly, for me it came out of nowhere. I wonder if he hadn't run off into the grass if he would have out-qualified Lewis. Perhaps it's BMW that has been sandbagging/downplaying their performance thus far. We now know for certain that the suspected sandbagging team Renault certainly has not been, with Alonso eliminated in Q2 and Piquet in Q3 (although that doesn't surprise me - personally I expect him to crash out tomorrow). 

All in all, cross your fingers and your toes, say your prayers and hope for rain. Forza.

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