Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Malaysia Recap

I've discovered that I really struggle with writing race recaps. I'd put a lot of this down to how excited I get watching the race. When I get excited, emotional, etcetera, I tend not to remember things very clearly. At least not as a coherent whole. So I think the best way to do this recap is to show you a video. This one's not bad. The music is a little weird, but all in all it has all the good stuff. You even get to see the Smoke Monster eat Lewis's tire, which is pretty money.

This isn't in the video, but the highlight of Malaysia for me (aside from Raikkonen's victory, which was AMAZING!!) was Jarno Trulli (yes, that Jarno Trulli) holding off Lewis Hamilton for 4th. It was so intense and I was totally freaking out. Awesome!

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