Saturday, March 22, 2008


Malaysia is shaping up to be a good race already. It certainly looks like Ferrari has bounced back with Kimi and Felipe on the front row. I'm so happy! I'm pleased to have the McLarens farther back in the field (albeit they're there because of penalizations*, not because of lack of skill or car troubles). I'm a bit disappointed that Williams is so far down the grid (Nakajima last [partly because of his penalty for taking out Kubica (below left; marveling at his fingers) at Australia] and Rosberg (above) in 16th). I was really hoping they'd be able to challenge BMW for 3rd. It was nice to see Rosberg on the podium last week at Melbourne. I think he is a total sweetie :) (Also, about Nico Rosberg, he barely has any accent. He speaks really amazing English with fairly good grammar.) Also I was so excited that Toyota, especially Jarno Trulli was amazing! Really, in Q3 and lapping fastest in Q2?! I couldn't believe it, but I was very proud nevertheless. It'll be nice to see if Trulli will be able to hold of the McLarens and BMWs and get on the podium. On another note, I'm very happy with Felipe Massa. Watching him in qualifying, he looked much more aggressive than usual. I would imagine he's feeling pressure to get well ahead of Raikkonen early on and become No.1 driver this year. Not much else to say right now, I guess. Just chilling for another twenty-five minutes, waiting for the lights. Also, it's supposed to rain! "Crazy" weather!

* Heikki Kovalainen and Lewis Hamilton were each penalized five grid positions for (possibly intentionally) blocking Nick Heidfeld and Fernando Alonso on their flying laps. See the video here:

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