Thursday, March 27, 2008

What is it this week with everyone having something ridiculous to say?!

So this is what I wake up to when I read my articles this morning:

"[Bernie] Ecclestone believes [Lewis] Hamilton's emergence was one of the big reasons for the sport's resurgence.

"We are very pleased with the evolution last season," he told Spanish magazine FHM.

"With the departure of Michael Schumacher, the year could have been disastrous and boring, but fortunately along came a youngster called Lewis Hamilton and saved the season. It was phenomenal."

Ecclestone also compared Hamilton to Schumacher.

"If it wasn't for the helmet, when you see Hamilton behind the wheel you might think it is Schumacher driving. He drives the same way that the impeccable Schumacher did."

WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH! And in Kimi Raikkonen's defense, he is talking lots more, thanks very much!

Full article here:,18954,3213_3354356,00.html

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