Thursday, March 20, 2008



I guess I really should have written this earlier, because all I want to do right now is get the nightmare of Australia out of my head. Seriously, this is pretty much the worst race I could have imagined (well, not really, I guess someone could have died). Honestly, everything was going so well! Especially after the start when Raikkonen jumped up to 8th from 15th! Ah, it was so exciting! And then he lost it trying to go for 2nd, but I guess everyone makes mistakes. Having him stop on track with the engine deal was the worst. Especially because I had seriously said not two seconds before, "Maybe someone else will go out and then everyone can get a point!" And then they cut to him slowing down and it was like, "Argh, Kimi Raikkonen! 'Someone' does not include you, dammit!" Athough I can't really fault Kimi for what was really just a mistake and bad luck, I am going to continue to be a little pissed at Felipe Massa. Really, I just felt like he should have been doing (for lack of a better word ) better, you know? I just don't think he was driving nearly as precisely as he could have been. Seriously, I was of the same mind as David Coulthard about kicking "three colours of shit" out of Felipe (although that crash was by no means his fault). I am just really hoping that Ferrari bounces back from this. I wish they would have just said, "Hey, we had a bad race," but unfortunately they started tossing around words like "reliability issues" and the like. Personally, I think that to say you have reliability issues after one race, when you've run fantastically all through testing is a little extreme, wouldn't you say? If we have the same problems at Malaysia, then I will start to worry. But saying you're unreliable and giving mixed messages about how worried/confident you are that things will continue to go poorly/be much smoother is no good at all. It just gives Lewis Hamilton the chance to shoot his mouth off, which is frustrating. 


Some cool things about Australia: 

1. Diverse podium much?! It was fantastic to see Heidfeld and Rosberg on the podium. I was really pleased with them both, which is why this week's Grand Prix Dinner is German Driver's Night. It would have been perfect if we could have replaced Hamilton with someone else. Or jettisoned him into space or something. 

2. Sebastian Bourdais scores "one point!" (Well, actually it ended up being two points after Barichello's DQ. But David Hobbs said point in French which I found immensely satisfying, because I love franglais.) Super badass exciting race for him either way, minus the problems near the end with mechanical problems. Incidentally, Sebastian Bourdais is passing Tonio Liuzzi in the ranks and becoming my absolute favorite B team driver. Hands down. I think it is because he feels so homey. When he said "Melbourne" on camera in pre-race coverage, it was just like "Ahhhhh!" I think it is something you need to be French to understand. 

3. That guy from Honda proudly announced that he had green pants. Pretty much he was like, "Well, we are pretty much the same, but we have green pants." Extreme LOL!

4. Heikki Kovalainen hits the pit speed limiter JUST AFTER HAVING PASSED ALONSO FOR FOURTH. Lucky break for Alonso. News on that, Ron Dennis has assured Heikki that it is alright (although secretly I bet he is steamed) and has assured us that he is moving that limiter or reconfiguring it so that this never happens again.

5. Kind of exciting crash. Mostly exciting because it really didn't hurt the Ferrari at all. Massa just kept trucking. But watch Coulthard hop off the track. 

Either way, I am excited (although really, really nervous and trying to keep my feet on the ground) about Malaysia. 

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