Monday, March 24, 2008

Notes of Felipe Massa: Official Website Analysis

You learn a lot about people when you visit their fan page. Today I learned that Felipe Massa is an ex-pizza boy who secretly wishes he were in the mafia, has a strange obsession with Robert de Niro, absolutely loves shopping, and is on an eternal quest to someday own a yacht. Additionally, it may surprise you to learn that apparently he has not aged since the age of six, is "underestimated," "zesty," and has an "XXL" talent. Also, he is probably world's cutest baby.

Check out the "A-Z," in which you will learn more about Felipe Massa's love of jeans, and the "Ask Me" section, to find out how he fields questions about Lewis Hamilton's semi-stardom, how much he misses Michael Schumacher, his lucky underwear, and dispels rumors about his watch collection.

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