Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Coming Soon": Lewis Hamilton Official Website Analysis

Lewis Hamilton's website is disappointingly sparse for how popular he is. I kind of imagined that there might be, well, more? Not that I expected him to launch into any lengthy discussion of his favorite clothing brands, a la Felipe Massa, but it all just seems so abbreviated. Actually, "abbreviated" seems an inappropriate choice of words. Let's use "Coming Soon" instead, as that's what the majority of the website seems to be doing. He doesn't even have an Official Fan Club yet (although it is coming soon)! Despite all the site's shortcomings, this is what I learned about Lewis Hamilton:

Lewis Hamilton has never finished less that 5th in any racing series ever. He was/is the youngest person ever to win the World Karting Championship (at age fifteen in 2000). He pretty much had his career in motor sport made at age thirteen, grace a McLaren and Ron Dennis (this is why I think he needs to work harder and suffer more!). In addition to all this, Lewis likes "Hip-hop, R&B, Reggae and Funky House" (what the hell is "Funky House"?), and many generic things such as gym, books, and DVDs.

Make sure you check out Lewis's charity. It's coming soon:

"Lewis Hamilton will be creating a Lewis Hamilton Foundation in the near future. Please check back for further information."

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